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You already know what is contact staff and would love to try something new? Or you are creating a fire stage show and need something effective, something, that would make the audience gasp in suspense? This contact sword may be the perfect thing you are looking for

Enter the stage with a flaming sword and astonish everyone while you start manipulating your tool as if it would be just a normal contact staff!

The counterweight of the sword is a 50mm diameter steel ball weighing 500g, more than half of the full weight. This phenomena notable shifts the weight of the sword down. The gravity center is marked with a colorful ribbon and dipped as well as the center is from one to the other point while the fuel is burning out

The counterweight is covert with a soft underlayer and a standard rubber overlayer. Both of the layers provide a very protective surface.

The handle is separated from the burning blade by a silicone disc to prevent burns and further improve the safety of this spectacular prop.

The core of the sword is made of aluminum 7075, which enables light weight to go hand-in-hand with enough stability which prevents bending or breaking

The blade is covered by kevlar of a high quality. The tip of the blade is sealed by a ring of reinforced kevlar wick.

The Contact Sword from GORA is an amazing equipment designed for professionals and advanced people. It has a vide range of use, which depends only on where your own imagination will lead you. This item provides an amazing illusion for the audience and makes them come back for more. If you are an expert contact staff player, this will be your favorite equipment for sure!

GORA is a worldwide known store producing perfectly balanced and measured fire dance equipment. Its creator, Krisztian Gora, describes himself as followed: “As a performer I know what makes an equipment good, and what difference is to play with a well made, safe firetoy”.


Blade length: 75cm
Handle length: circa 50cm
Whole sword length: 125cm (+/- 1,5cm)
Handles diameter: circa 2,5 cm
Cores diameter: circa 1,5cm
Counterweight diameter: 5cm
Whole weight: 966g

Attention! This equipment is especially dangerous. It can cause burnings and other body injuries! Due to the possibility of getting burned the equipment should be used only by people already having some experience with fire dancing. Neither the shop nor the producer does not accept any responsibilities for damages caused by incorrect and inaccurate usage.

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