Rope Snake Poi 17mm

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Straight 17 mm ropes, or burnt ropes, offer an exceptionally strong fire effect. The ends of the rope were twisted with a 45 mm wide kerf waist to prevent shredding and stopping the waste water. Chain fastening is durable and safe. A great product that will give a lot of satisfaction to all the avid firefighters.


Two fingers
secured ends
length adjustment
rope with a diameter of 17 mm
length of the rope is 40 cm
length of chain + chain 65 cm
weight about 115 g
Price for a couple, that is two burnt rope called wings straight 17 mm.

Do not pile the hardware to the end. When you see the blue flame - it's a sign that you have to go out as soon as possible (in fact, it was time to put it down). It is best to do this by strangling the flame with a fire blanket. After each quench, soak the kewlar in the same oil that was used for smoking. Do not fire immediately once again, wait until it has cooled down. To use the equipment for as long as possible, use paraffin oil without alcohol as fuel.

Warning! Particularly dangerous product, may cause burns and bodily injury! Due to the possibility of burns should only be used by persons with experience in dance techniques with fire! Shop or manufacturer is not responsible for damage caused by improper use of purchased equipment!

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